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When it comes to our teeth, there are two basic things that are considered essential – they look good, and they don’t hurt. But what if something bad happens to our pearly whites after clinic hours? That is where emergency dental services step in, making it essential anywhere in Australia. Here, let us find out the different conditions that need emergency dental services.


Emergency dental services: Tooth pain

A toothache can mean different things, from simple food debris to a more complex dental infection. If you face an acute toothache in the middle of the night, it is best to have an emergency dentist check it out. Calling for emergency dental services can be essential in preventing further damage in your teeth and gums.



Emergency dental services: Trauma

Accidents in or outside the house can happen to anyone anytime. A simple trauma can cause mild bleeding, while a forceful injury can cause loss of consciousness, bleeding, and pain. Accidents that cause trauma to the face that affect your mouth can warrant emergency dental services. An assessment by a competent emergency dentist as soon as possible can help prevent further untoward complications like blood loss, shock, or complete damage of the teeth.


Emergency dental services: Broken tooth

There are instances where an accident causing a cracked or fractured tooth is painless and can be put off for tomorrow when your dentist is already available. However, there are also times when it can cause significant pain, and the damage on your teeth interrupts with your daily activities (may cause cuts on the tongue and inner side of the lips when eating or speaking). This is when emergency dental services may come in handy. Your emergency dentist can address the repair of your cracked tooth so it would look and feel okay.


Emergency dental services: Why not visit the hospital instead?

In Australia, most hospitals do not have dentists available in their emergency departments. They are also not equipped with the latest dental technology that dentists need to fix an emergency dental problem. When you go the hospital directly after a dental emergency, they can address the pain or any symptom of discomfort that you may be feeling, but they would still recommend you to report to your dentist, so management of your dental issue is correctly dealt with.


Emergency dental services: How much will it cost?

In Australia, dental services may be free of charge for current health care or pension card holders. Children 2-17 years of age can also get certain preventative dental procedures for free under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). However, most emergency dental services are priced differently depending on your needs. They are not considered preventative in nature as symptoms are already present when needing emergency dental services. For further information about the cost of this specialised dental services, contact your nearby emergency dentist or dental clinic so they can better guide you about your expected dental expenses.


Caring for your teeth should not be taken for granted in any way. Knowing who to call whenever you need emergency dental services is essential so you can ensure the overall health and quality of your smile anytime, anywhere.

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