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As much as we can avoid it, dental appointments are definitely not one of the things we would want to be part of our schedule. Not only are they perceived as painful check-ups, but they are also expensive and inconvenient, especially if you are experiencing tooth problems in the wee hours of the night. Let us find out how emergency dental care can solve one of the main reasons why we see the dentist even in the most inconvenient time of the day.


Emergency dental care on toothache: Why do our teeth hurt?

There are many reasons why your pearly whites hurt. A dental cavity is essentially the usual cause of a toothache. Because cavities can actually put a hole and damage the enamel of your tooth, the pain you may feel can range from very mild to piercingly painful.

Toothache can also signal a periodontal disease, which is more than just tooth damage. This oral problem is a gum disease that causes inflammation and sensitivity of the gums that may even be accompanied by bleeding and, yes, toothache.

A fractured tooth can also cause mild to excruciating pain, depending on the seriousness of the tooth damage. Tooth sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold temperature can accompany your pain and make matters worse.

A sinus infection may sound out of the topic but it can also attribute to the tooth pain you may be feeling. A sinus infection exerts pressure above your molars, causing pain that starts on the nerve roots of the affected teeth.

If the pulp of your teeth is decaying without your knowledge, toothache can be a sure sign that the infection is worsening. Pulpitis can manifest symptoms like swelling of the gums around the teeth or even the whole cheek if the infection is severe.


Emergency dental care on toothache: Why do I experience toothache at night?



It is inevitable when a toothache would strike, especially if you are not very particular about maintaining your dental health. What is very irritating is when you notice that most of the time, your toothache appears or worsens particularly when its bedtime. Why do toothaches show up at night?

  • Food debris from your late lunch or dinner is still stuck on your teeth.
  • You may be suffering from bruxism, a medical term for tooth grinding. This damages the structure of your teeth and later exposes the nerves that may cause teeth sensitivity and pain.
  • Blood circulation when lying down increases to the head, so if you already have swelling and infection, the blood pressure increases and makes these symptoms worse.


Emergency dental care on toothache: How can an emergency dentist help?

In earlier days when dentists only see their patients during clinic hours, patients with moderate to severe pain at night immediately rushes to the hospital to get checked. This practice does not solve the dental problem, although doctors may prescribe potent pain relievers to alleviate the symptoms. But now that there are emergency dental care hotlines available anywhere in Australia, more and more dental patients begin to appreciate the dental services they offer. Not only are they available any time of the night and during weekends or holidays, but they are also experienced in handling all types of dental conditions since they are registered and licensed dental professionals, the same as your family dentists. So when you are experiencing toothache in the middle of the night, you have nothing to worry about. You need not suffer and stay awake because of pain! Emergency dental care services are always available to you.

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