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Imagine this: A fight or an accident got you hit in the face and made your tooth loose or maybe even falling out! Or while eating dinner or a midnight snack, you suddenly experienced an extreme toothache, and you do not know if it is going to make you sleep through the night. So what would you usually do? You go directly to the dental emergency hospital to get checked. But is it correct to do so?


Dental emergencies can occur to anybody at any time. Whenever you encounter a dental mishap, you might be unsure about whether you should go directly to a dental emergency hospital or a dentist’s clinic. There is no clear-cut answer for this because dental emergencies could require varying levels of attention. It will all depend on how severe your dental problem is that would warrant you to go directly to a dental emergency hospital.


Dental emergencies that require dental emergency hospital care


There are several moderate to severe accidents or occurrences that can involve the face and mouth.  These circumstances would necessitate not only dental but also medical attention. They may include damage to the jaws (fractures or bone dislocation), and many may even be instances where patients lose consciousness which might be a sign that the brain has been affected. Patients may also present significant cuts, wounds, or lacerations to the face and insides of the mouth that would require suturing. When these types of situation happen to you or a loved one, do not hesitate to go directly to a medical facility with dental emergency hospital services. Time is of the essence during these circumstances, and severe cases may safely be considered life-threatening conditions.


Dental emergencies that DO NOT require dental emergency hospital attention

However, we have to admit it; not all dental problems are considered an emergency. There are also other dental emergencies that are not severe enough to be considered life-threatening but would still require urgent care. Cracking a tooth while eating dinner, or knocking a tooth out while playing with a friend are instances that need dental attention, but are not considered life-or-death situations. Unless one can observe severe bleeding or loss of consciousness after the accident that may be a sign of a more serious condition, these scenarios can be handled by your trusted emergency dentist.

Other dental emergencies that are not dental emergency hospital-worthy

Having a toothache in the middle of the night may be disturbing and unbearable. But going to the dental emergency hospital would be unnecessary. Contact your local emergency dentist, ask for first-aid instructions for pain relief, take over-the-counter analgesics, and schedule an appointment right away so you can receive urgent dental care the following day.

If you have decaying teeth with abscess or pus surrounding the damaged teeth and gums, you would definitely feel pain and discomfort in doing just about anything. However, this condition does not develop overnight.  There is a possibility that you neglected reporting to the doctor about it and just got alarmed when you suddenly feel pain from the tooth decay. Head on to your dentist the next day and know about what caused the infection and find ways to treat it. Unless your abscessed teeth affect your normal breathing and swallowing patterns, your general dentist can give you the appropriate dental attention you would need the following day.


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