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Let’s face it; accidents are always unpredictable. No one can get away from it. It can happen any time of the day and night. So what do you do if you encounter a dental emergency? And more importantly, is there anyone who can help you solve your dental crisis? Well, yes, that is what a 24 hour emergency dentist is for.


Who is a 24 hour emergency dentist?


A 24 hour emergency dentist is an on-call dentist that caters to your dental emergency whenever you need it. They have flexible working hours to make sure that a competent and reliable dentist can treat your dental problem when the need arises.


What is a dental emergency?


A dental emergency is an injury related to your teeth and its surrounding tissues that need immediate treatment or solution. Dental emergencies do not always have to have pain, although most instances that needed emergency attention present this symptom.


What are considered dental emergencies?


The most common dental emergency patients report is a toothache. The cause of a toothache varies; it may be due to trauma, infected gums, or trapped food in between teeth. Though there are ways you can alleviate this pain, it is still best to consult a 24-hour emergency dentist immediately to prevent unwanted complications from happening.


Other dental emergencies include but are not limited to:

  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Lost tooth filling or crown
  • Injury to lips or tongue
  • Mouth bleeding

If you think you have a dental emergency, arm yourself with hotline numbers of dental emergency providers. The trained call operators can assist you in determining if your situation needs a 24 hour emergency dentist or not.


How does a 24 hour emergency dentist work?


Once an accident happens and a dental emergency arises, calling the dental emergency hotline number can give you an immediate appointment to one of their 24 hour emergency dentists. During the scheduled dental appointment, the emergency dentist may perform different dental procedures depending on your condition. He determines the cause of pain and prescribes medications and antibiotics if needed. He can perform standard dental procedures to stop the bleeding. Simple tooth extractions may also be done for severely damaged teeth. A 24 hour emergency dentist can also give referrals to dental specialists if further dental attention is appropriate. They can also provide expert dental advice on how to care for your injured teeth or mouth.


Knowing that we can have a 24 hour emergency dentist to take care of us every time an injury happens is a relief all by itself. However, having an expert look into your dental condition calmly and provide dental solution immediately doesn’t entitle us to become careless and lax about our safety. Knowing our own limitations and providing extra safety measures to care for our family’s safety should always be a priority.

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