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There is no right time for dental emergencies, but there is the right emergency dentist in Melbourne to call for help! We are available and at your service all day, every day!

24 hour emergency dentist in melbourne

What are dental emergencies?

 A dental emergency is a dental condition that needs prompt and fast treatment to limit its severity. There are many instances in Melbourne that could warrant a dental emergency, however, many people often mistake it as a condition that could be set aside and just endure symptoms by delaying treatment.

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What are considered dental emergencies?

In Melbourne, a dental emergency needs immediate treatment and management. Some of the examples would be if a person is experiencing severe toothache, chipping or cracking of tooth, the presence of pus and gum swelling that can be signs of infection, damage on dental appliances, bleeding gums, etc.

dentist emergency 24 hours in melbourne

How much would a dental emergency procedure cost?

Expenses incurred after treatment of a dental emergency depend on the professional fee of the dentist, what procedure was performed, and how complex your condition was. You can contact Emergency Dentist Melbourne to know more about the payment schemes, treatment packages, and payment options available for you.

What to do on a dental emergency?

Emergency Dentist Melbourne knows that emergencies, dental or medical, can happen anytime. Dealing with emergencies requires fast treatment and presence of mind. If you experience a dental emergency, it is best to remain calm and not panic. Panicking makes us lose our focus and may end up committing mistakes instead of looking for solutions. Calmly evaluate your condition and apply first aid if possible. Then contact the nearest dental emergency clinic that you know and request for an immediate appointment. Emergency Dentist Melbourne will be ready to help and treat your dental problem any time of the day.

Can I go to the hospital?

Emergency Dentist Melbourne is aware that most of the hospitals in Melbourne do not have a resident dentist who can cater to your needs. They can only assess the situation and maybe prescribe pain medications or impede bleeding while finding an emergency dentist. Contact Emergency Dentist Melbourne to book an appointment as soon as an emergency happens.

What’s the difference between dental and medical emergency?

A dental emergency often affects your teeth and its surrounding structures, like your gums. An emergency dentist in Melbourne can address these situations and provide dental treatment as needed. But if the emergency affects more serious and systemic condition such as fracture on the jawbone, a seriously severed lip or tongue, or excessive bleeding, medical attention may be necessary.

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Dental emergencies need immediate attention and treatment. A few dental clinics are open 24/7 to cater to your needs, and not all dentists are trained and experienced in providing emergency dental services. It’s a good thing that Emergency Dentist Melbourne has emergency dentists who are both skilled and ready to get the job done.

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emergency dentist open 24 hours Melbourne

Children’s dental emergency

Young children who are starting to grow their teeth are also at risk of damaging their teeth because their gait is still unstable and their movements are a bit uncontrolled. Dental emergencies that children experience should be attended to immediately because the complications an accident may bring about might affect the growth of their permanent and mature teeth in the future. Call Emergency Dentist Melbourne to know more.

What to do during a Dental Emergency


Toothaches can be caused by a lot of sources, but its severity may not correspond to the seriousness of the damage to your teeth. Sometimes, even the mildest pain comes from a very serious tooth problem.

For Emergency Dentist Melbourne, the first thing to do when you have a toothache is to assess your teeth. If you see food particles stuck to your affected teeth, use a floss or toothpick to remove it and rinse it out with water. If pain persists, contact Emergency Dentist Melbourne immediately as this may be a sign of infection or decay.

You can also use pain medication to temporarily relieve the pain while waiting for your appointment.

Chipped Tooth
Vehicular accidents, contact sports mishaps, and biting or chewing hard food materials can cause your teeth from cracking. If you chipped your tooth, avoid taking hot or cold food or drinks as your teeth may be sensitive to extreme temperatures.

If physical force caused your tooth from cracking, apply cold compress on your face to relieve swelling or pain. If you can, find the tooth fragments, store and bring them to your Emergency Dentist Melbourne resident dentist. He may still be able to use it in repairing your tooth.

Gum Bleeding, Swelling, or Abscess
Emergency Dentist Melbourne knows that problems with your gums may be caused by more serious factors, like infection and gum disease. The roots of the teeth and other surrounding structures such as the nerves and blood vessels may be affected if left untreated.  Fever and redness may also be present along with these problems.

Contact Emergency Dentist Melbourne right away and schedule an immediate appointment to address your infection. In the meantime, avoid hot liquids from coming in contact with the gums as it may worsen the bleeding. Take analgesics and fever medications to alleviate symptoms.

Partial or Complete Dislodging of Teeth (Knocked out teeth)
Trauma to the oral cavity by accident can cause your tooth to be dislodged from the root.

If partially dislodged, you can try to put it slowly back to its socket, using clean hands.

If completely knocked out, you can save your tooth by holding it by the crown (not the root!) and putting it in a cup of milk while on the way to the Emergency Dentist Melbourne clinic. Immediate repositioning may be done to save the tooth.

Lost Filling/Crown
Losing a crown or filling is always a hassle especially if it causes pain to your tooth.

If you lose a crown or filling and you still have it, you can save it and present it to us at Emergency Dentist Melbourne right away. Your emergency dentist may inspect your teeth and if he observes that no other damage or decay has been done, he may be able to put it back by re-cementing it to your tooth.

If you lose your crown or filling completely, report to Emergency Dentist Melbourne right away. Exposing your tooth to food and drinks without the filling or crown may cause infection or further tooth decay.

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